Diving center.

Is located in Rogoznica on a minute walk from the sandy beach.

  • Has a fast ship LOMAC 730 + Yamaha 200ks
  • Provides complete support for recreational and technical divers
  • Maintain diving courses according to the NAUI standard
  • Is Aqua Lung partner center

#1 Diving locations.

Diving in Rogoznica Aquatics

  • Allans cliff
  • Sweet wreck
  • Mulo
  • Planka
  • Blue tunnel
  • Muljica
  • Jet fighter wreck
  • and more...


What we can offer you

  • Diving excursions
  • Diving courses for recreational divers
  • Diving courses for technical divers
  • Discovery diving (diving for non-divers)
  • Rental of diving equipment
  • Sale of diving equipment
  • VIP diving

Welcome to the diving center Deep Blue Diving

The Deep Blue Diving Diving Center is located in Rogoznica near the marina Frapa just a minute walk from the sandy beach. The center is located on the ground floor of the house on a surface of almost 90m2.

The center is equipped with brand new diving equipment Aqua Lung and our partner center. We also have a fast ship Lomac 730 Club, Bauer compressors, MPS mixer, booster and we are able to meet all your requirements in recreational diving and diving.

What we can offer.

diving trips, rental of diving equipment, diving school, underwater shooting and photography services, complete support for recreational and technical divers, filling and mixing of all types of gases up to 330 bar pressure, sale of diving equipment, search and salvage of lost equipment and small underwater works.

Diving courses

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